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Bachok is a territory (jajahan) and town in Kelantan, Malaysia. It is located 25 kilometers east of Kota Bharu. It borders Pasir Puteh to the south and Kota Bharu to the west. Bachok district's mukims (smaller subdivisions) are Tawang, Perupok, Repek, Telong, Gunung, Mahligai, and Bekelam. The focus of Bachok's economy is agriculture, primarily tobacco plantations.

There are several versions of the origin of the name of Bachok.

According to one version, Bachok was named after a person called Tok Bachok (atif), who was believed to be the first settler in the area. Traders from China anchored in Pengkalan Cina in Bachok long time ago to trade silk and spices.

The more popular version of the origin of Bachok's name, according to local inhabitants, originated from two Siamese words, Ban and Chak. Ban means village and Chak means nipa (a native mangrove plant).

The local Siamese called and still call this place Ban Chak, originally referring to the more populated and possibly a much earlier settlement immediately to the south of Bachok town, the actual Kampung Nipah today. The Bachok town was possibly part of the larger Kampung Nipah. The pronunciation of Ban Chak was later invariably changed to Bachok to suit the local Malay accent.

Malays are the predominant ethnic group in Bachok, like the rest of Kelantan. Chinese and Siamese are the minority groups in Bachok. Chinese population is quite scattered through-out the district of Bachok whilst the Siamese mainly live in Kampung Balai, 3 km to the north of Bachok.

A beautiful beach, known as Pantai Irama or 'Melody Beach' is in Bachok. The beach is famous for its gently sloping beach that extends far into the clear blue water of the South China Sea. It has been said that Pantai Irama is Kelantan's most beautiful beach and this is evident from the regular visitations from picnickers especially around the weekends.

The nearby villages, Beris Kubor Besar (Kampung Pak Pura), Perupok, Jelawat and Wakaf Zin are famous for their wet markets and competitive groceries prices.

Wat Phithikyan Phutthaktham, a Buddhist temple in Kampung Balai, Bachok is worth visiting.

Fixed Deposit Account Application Procedures in Bachok

Documents Required:

• Photocopy of MyKad of applicant

• Any additional documents if required by the Bank





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