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Kepala Batas is a town in the northern part of Penang, Malaysia, in Seberang Perai Utara district. In the past, about the 60's, Kepala Batas became densely populated around Bertam, Pinang Tunggal and the surrounding area with suppliers of daily supplies and agricultural products. Kepala Batas is surrounded by paddy fields. Bertam area with estate of rubber plantation and later been replaced with oil palm plantation.

Therefore, the majority of the early Malay community worked as paddy growers and early immigrants & foreigners were working in the plantation estate. Nowadays, the work in the paddy fields have been replaced by machinery. Most of Kepala Batas area has been developed by the authorities and private companies. In Bertam area, the estate has been aggressively developed with mixture of developments consisting huge area of golf resort, residential units, boarding schools and higher educational institutions.

The heart of Kepala Batas Town became more famous after Datuk Seri Abdullah Hj. Ahmad Badawi, who was born in Kepala Batas has emerged to become the fifth Prime Minister of Malaysia. Kepala Batas is now actively developing into a modern, planned city equipped with facilities such as hospitals, schools, a matriculation institute, agricultural research institutes, the Millennium Hall and many more. Kepala Batas has been chosen as the main government district hub for Seberang Perai north district. Among the town's attractions is the Kepala Batas night market that sells a variety of cuisines from the north, and noodles with boiled shrimp are sold around the town of Kepala Batas.

Kepala Batas development keep continue & become one of the fastest growing town in northern district.

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