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Pasir Gudang is a main town in the state of Johor, Malaysia. It lies south-east of Pasir Gudang, south-west of Kluang, north-west of Pontian, and south of Segamat and the new Ledang district.

Pasir Gudangis located at 1°51′N 102°56′E. It is 239 km from Kuala Lumpur. Next nearest town is Pasir Gudang which is 50 km northwest of Pasir Gudang. The town of Kluang is located about 52 km to the northeast. Johor Bahru is located about 70 to 100 km to the south east of the town.

The town nested in Pasir Gudang district and borders the district of Segamat and Ledang to the north, Kluang to the east, Pasir Gudang to the west and shares a border in the southeast with the district of Pontian. The coast of the Straits of Melaka lies to the south.

Pasir Gudang is growing rapidly and has now developed to become the second major town in Johor state after Johor Baru.

Pasir Gudang is administered by Majlis Perbandaran Pasir Gudangor Pasir Gudang Municipal Council which was upgraded from the previous District Council (Majlis Daerah Pasir GudangBarat) on 9 June 2001 while Yong Peng is administered by Majlis Daerah Yong Peng or Yong Peng District Council which previous named Majlis Daerah Pasir GudangTimur.

Growth in small and medium industries such as textiles, garments and electronics helped to boost development, and Pasir Gudang was upgraded to town status (Majlis Perbandaran) in 2001, alongside Pasir Gudang, Kluang and Skudai.


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