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Taiping is a small town near the Perak River in Perak, Malaysia. It is under the administration of the Perak Tengah district. It comprises two geographical areas: Taiping Kiri and Taiping Kanan (Left Taiping and Right Taiping, respectively) as it is divided by the Perak River. There is a river terrapin breeding centre at Taiping Kanan. Taiping is also well known for its durian fruit. The town has over fifteen mosques.

In general, Taiping's Malay population can be divided into three main groups, the natives of Perak, the natives of Kedah and the Banjar people. The natives of Perak constitute the majority of Taiping's populace, particularly along the left and rights banks of the Perak River.

The Kedah natives in Taiping moved to this town in the 1950s, and they primarily reside in some areas of Titi Gantung/village near main drain like Parit 13, Parit 12, Parit 11, Parit 10, Parit 9. The Banjar people are a group of migrants who originated from Banjarmasin in Kalimantan, Indonesia.Banjar population live both side neerly Ipoh-Lumut highway

Chinese and Indians constitute a minority of the population in Taiping, and they mainly reside in the vicinity of Seri Iskandar.

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